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6 Items you need for your next vacay

Taking a girls trip to Mexico this summer? Capture all the right angles for the gram with this Tripod & Selfie stick. Get action shots and beach selfies on your iPhone or Android.

Packing just got easier with these packing cubes. Neatly separate all of your swimsuits, toiletries, jewelry and accessories with these zipper pouches. Erase the hassle of jumbled clothing after being tossed around in your luggage by TSA.

Don't forget to pack your favorite toiletries. Keep up with them with these reusable toiletry bottles. They are TSA friendly and easy to refill and reuse.

Sitting on the yacht and hanging on the beach is cute and all but don't forget the portable fan to cool you off in direct sun. This portable fan is easy to store in your beach bag and is very lightweight.

Keep up with your luggage this summer with cute luggage tags. They are so helpful to determine your luggage from other travelers' luggage on the bag claim. That is assuming you do not have the super cute customized Vacation Overload luggage (side eye). Grab a few of these luggage tags to keep up with your luggage.

wKeeping up with your passport and vaccination card has just got a little easier and cuter with these cute Passport Holders. There is room for credit cards, a pen, SIM cards, Passport and vaccination card for easy access while traveling.

Passport holder :

Travel bottles:

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